ELLIIT Gender Program

Starting as a call in 2019, where the associated ELLIIT universities could apply for project funding, the call soon expanded to the ELLIIT Gender Program with responsible researchers at each university.

An increased focus has been placed over the last years on the integration of gender aspects into all levels of decision-making and into the visibility profile of ELLIIT.

Specifically, this entails the use of role models to motivate young researchers from underrepresented gender both in research and in basic education. It also implies review, auditing and refinement of decision processes, at all levels of ELLIIT, in order to enforce and following up the awareness of gender-related issues among everyone involved.

Focus groups for gender equality actions

Promoting gender equality in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) requires a multi-pronged approach involving institutions, researchers, educators and students.

Illustration over the ELLIIT Gender Program Women in STEM.

Initiatives within the ELLIIT Gender Program

Click on the posts below to read more about some of the the initiative within the ELLIIT Gender Program.

Women and Mathemathics

Towards the establishment of a network for female mathematicians working in Sweden.

Building a community

Empowering female mathematicians working and studying at Lund University.

Programming with satellite data

Inspirational Python for high school students using real open data.

RoboCup@Home and LiU@HomeWreckers

Supporting the leader of LiU:s student robot competition team.

Inspirational evenings for female students

Arranging inspiration events for female students.

Attitudes towards female PhD supervisors

An exploration of the attitudes and expectations directed towards female academics in their roles as supervisors of PhD students.

Training and networking for female researchers

Training female Ph.D. students and early-career researchers on career planning and leadership.