Lund 2022: Practical information

Main Venue


AF-borgen has been the students’ home since 1851, right in the heart of Lund. Today it is a bustling house with a great mix of students, university, Lund locals and businesses.

The building has a variety of imaginative halls and rooms that only a 19th-century castle can offer. Many of the halls have undergone a major update in 2020.

Social event

Turning Torso, Malmö

The main social event of the focus period will be the evening dinner during the workshop, on the 54th floor of Turning Torso, the highest skyrise in Scandinavia with breathtaking views on the Öresund straight, Malmö and Copenhagen.

Sky High Resturant

On-site contact persons


Eva Westin

+46 46 222 87 87

Kristian Solstesz

+46 46 222 87 77