Anastasia Bizyaeva

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Washington

Anastasia Bizyaeva is a postdoctoral scholar with the AI Institute for Dynamic Systems at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is interested in the mathematics of collective behavior and distributed computation, including social decision-making, pattern formation in networked and spatiotemporal systems, and self-organization in swarms. Anastasia uses a combination of tools from nonlinear dynamics, control theory, network science, and distributed learning to study collective behavior in real-world systems and to design decentralized control strategies for coordinating autonomous teams. She is particularly interested in systems for which strongly nonlinear features, such as multistability or excitability, are essential to their operation. Anastasia received her Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in September of 2022 from Princeton University, where her doctoral research on nonlinear dynamics of collective decision-making and belief formation was supervised by Professor Naomi Ehrich Leonard. Prior to this, Anastasia earned a B.A. in Physics with a minor in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.