Focus Period Linköping 2023

Network Dynamics and Control

September 4 – October 6, 2023

A central task in Network Science is to understand how to extrapolate emerging collective dynamical behaviors out of a large number of interacting elementary entities. An even more challenging task is to move from a passive observation of the behavior of a network to an active way of controlling its dynamics. Both tasks require a system-level thinking, and can have profound repercussions across the many different domains of science in which networks are of relevance, such as biology, ecology, social sciences, economical sciences, and engineering.

The aim of this 5-week focus period is to stimulate the interaction between scientists working on network dynamics and control from different perspectives, and to favour cross-talk by promoting awareness of what is available “next door”.

The focus period will run in Linköping between September 4th and October 6th. A number of young international scholars interested in these research challenges will be invited to participate, and to interact with leading scientists as well as ELLIIT researchers. In the third week (September 20-22) we will have a 3-day symposium, with several invited top-level researchers.

Keep track of all activities during the focus period via the ELLIIT Focus Period 2023: Network Dynamics and Control ICalendar:

Scientific committee

The scientific committee consists of internationally renowned researchers, active within the topic of the focus period. The committee members, in collaboration with the organizers, suggest speakers for the workshop, and visiting scholars for the focus periods. The members of the scientific committee also contribute to the event as speakers during the workshop.

Ming Cao

Ming Cao

Professor at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Yang-Yu Liu

Yang-Yu Liu

Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School (HMS), USA

Organizing committee

The organizing committee consists of researchers from the ELLIIT institutions and administrators. Their role is to appoint the scientific committee, select speakers and visiting scholars, plan the focus period activities, and serve as hosts during the event.