Samir Suweis

Associate Professor

University of Padova

Prof. Samir Suweis is Associate Professor at the University of Padova, Physics and Astronomy Department, member of the Padova Neuroscience Center and of the European Center of Living Technology. He co-lead the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics ( His main research themes can be classified in three broad areas: 1) The formulation of simple principles to explain self-organization and emergent simplicity in nature; 2) Data analysis and complex network modeling and non-linear dynamics in socio-ecological systems; 3) Criticality and controllability in complex systems. In particular, his work focuses on the study of complex living systems under a theoretical framework provided by statistical mechanics. It addresses a wide range of related topics, including ecosystem organizations, ecological networks, stochastic modelling of ecosystems dynamics and sustainability and ecosystems services, brain networks and whole brain models.

Further info: @SamirSuweis