Excellence Center at Linköping – Lund in Information Technology

ELLIIT is a strategic research environment in information technology and mobile communications, funded by the Swedish government in 2010. With four partners, Linköping University, Lund University, Halmstad University and Blekinge Institute of Technology, ELLIIT constitutes a platform for both fundamental and applied research, and for cross-fertilization between disciplines and between academic researchers and industry experts. ELLIIT stands out by the quality and visibility of its publications, and its ability to attract top talented researchers.

Call for ELLIIT-financed Full Professorship in Distributed Systems

The Department of Computer Science at Lund University, Sweden, invites applications for an ELLIIT-financed Full Professorship in Distributed Systems. The position focuses on how to program distributed software systems on top of different kinds of computer networks,...

Call for Gender & Diversity Project Proposals 2024

Since 2019, ELLIIT has been setting aside a budget to broader societal goals, such as promoting gender equality in STEM research. The allocated budget can cover both time for the contributing researchers and the actual costs of relevant activities. In 2024, we now...

A broad view of projects – ELLIIT Annual Workshop 2024

Recently, ELLIIT's annual workshop took place. This year's edition was held in Lund, where participants were offered guest lectures from both academia and industry, combined with networking and parallel sessions.The workshop, hosted by Lund University, spanned over...
Portrait picture of Daniel Jung.

Meet the Recruited Faculty – Daniel Jung

Combining physically based models and machine learning, competitions, and doctoral courses. Recently, we met with Daniel Jung and talked about his research and ambitions with ELLIIT.Daniel Jung, Associate Professor in Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics at Linköping...

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