Industrial cooperation

Longstanding Industrial Partnerships

Since the very beginning, ELLIIT researchers have worked in close collaboration and partnership with strong Swedish industry representatives in sectors such as automotive, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. Great examples of common projects and fruitful exchanges of ideas can be found in the ELLIIT success stories. Read more about how ELLIIT Researchers are working with on communications in autonoumous vehicles together with Volvo Cars or lifting Ericsson’s 5G initiative.

In addition to common research activities, the ELLIIT Industrial Advisory Board is a privileged interface for strategic discussions and advice. 

Innovation and New Businesses

In Sweden, the so called “Teacher’s Exemption” states that university employees and inventors generally own their own IP-rights. ELLIIT researchers have benefitted from this, and are keen publishers of new patents. In some cases, the inventors have chosen to create new exiting business. In ELLIIT Success stories, read about Debricked, that helps keeping track of open-source code, the spin-off company Vistinct and its research visualisation platform or Senion, founded in 2010 and now a a global leader in location-responsive solutions.