6G Wireless, Sub-THz Radar, and Research Beyond

PIs: Lars Ohlsson Fhager (LU)

Co-PIs: Henrik Sjöland (LU), Daniel Sjöberg (LU), Buon Kiong Lau (LU), Pererik Andreasson (HH), Emil Nilsson (HH), Per Sandrup (HH)


The platform

This platform is useful for laboratory validation of hardware research in wideband millimetre wave (mmW) and sub-THz technology. It enables probed and free-space characterisation of emerging hardware for 6G wireless, quantum computing, and sub-THz radar. The platform provides a route towards next generation efficient sub-THz hardware, providing equipment that can be used beyond the low-end mmW range. A new testbed with high-end modular equipment unlocks laboratory validation of circuit, antenna, device, and materials innovations. This platform establishes infrastructure nodes for 6G, sub-THz radar, and research beyond.



Research Platform for 6G, Sub-THz Radar, and Beyond


By joint support from ELLIIT Infrastructure Initiative 2021 and LTH Infrastructure 2023, the foundation for a “Sub-THz Research Platform” at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT), Lund University, has begun to be built. They have invested in top-of-the-line electrical measurement instrumentation for high frequency and high speed/wideband characterisation, which allows for users to address hardware characterisation for research towards 6G, sub-THz radar, and applications beyond.

You are welcome to attend information seminars about the new equipment! An application engineer and/ or sales representative from the respective supplier will present the delivered equipment, typical applications, and available update paths for special use cases, plus Q & A.

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