6G Wireless, Sub-THz Radar, and Research Beyond

The platform

This platform is useful for laboratory validation of hardware research in wideband millimetre wave (mmW) and sub-THz technology. It enables probed and free-space characterisation of emerging hardware for 6G wireless, quantum computing, and sub-THz radar. The platform provides a route towards next generation efficient sub-THz hardware, providing equipment that can be used beyond the low-end mmW range. A new testbed with high-end modular equipment unlocks laboratory validation of circuit, antenna, device, and materials innovations. This platform establishes infrastructure nodes for 6G, sub-THz radar, and research beyond.


Lars Ohlsson Fhager (LU)
Henrik Sjöland (LU)
Daniel Sjöberg (LU)
Buon Kiong Lau (LU)