PIs: Sandra Pott (LU), Sara Maad Sasane (LU) and Carina Geldhauser (LU)

This project deals with the empowerment of the women mathematicians working and studying at Lund University. Many activities as Women’s career events, Career fika and Mentoring female students have been initiated to inspire and empower female students and staff members to succeed in their careers.

Women’s career events and career fika

To inform our female students about the many opportunities with a degree in mathematics or engineering mathematics, and to give them the opportunity to ask their questions in a protected environment, we launched a series of career talks, which we complemented by a women’s career fika.

Supporting and mentoring female students

Motivation and positive environment is crucial to prevent the drop-out of underrepresented groups. In 2021, with the help of ELLIIT funds, LTH Mathematics launched a mentoring programme aimed at providing support and guidance to junior female staff. The programme paired experienced female staff members with junior female colleagues, providing them with the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance as they progress in their careers. The mentoring programme was well received by all participants. We also had side-events for this. For example, we supported our female students in their application for fellowship programmes.