Video lectures

Combining AI and Interactive Visualization to Make Sense of Data

The iVis group at Linköping University, led by ELLIIT Recruited Faculty member Andreas Kerren, has created a demonstration video entitled “Insights Through Data-Driven Development: Using AI and Interactive Visualization to Gain Knowledge from the Data”. The short video (about 5 minutes; kudos to Kostiantyn Kucher) motivates the use of a typical visual analytics approach applied to data records from the Swedish Parliament.
Prof Fredrik Heintz sitting on the floor with a robot on his lap

Learn the fundamentals of AI with Fredrik Heintz

The LiU online course “Elements of AI” is intended for life-long learners, both those who want to learn more about what AI is and for those who want to take the first steps towards working with AI. Examiner for the course is Fredrik Heintz, a global leader in AI research.

Richard Pages writing on a transparent surface

Richard Pates Youtube-channel

Richard Pates is a senior lecturer at the Department of Automatic Control at Lund University, and a member of ELLIIT faculty. Richard Pates has a Youtube channel which contains both research and  educational content.

Sequential Monte Carlo Methods

ELLIIT Recruited Faculty member Fredrik Lindsten has created the online doctoral course “Sequential Monte Carlo Methods” (opens in new window), with the aim to provide an introduction to the theory and application of sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) methods. The course has attracted more than 100 students from over 20 different countries.

Foundations of Machine Learning

The course “Foundations of Machine Learning” (opens in new window) is a fully web-based self-study course, created by ELLIIT Faculty member Fredrik Lindsten and offered by Linköping University. It teaches the underlying theory of machine learning by litterature reading and get hands-on experience by solving exercises on the course’s web platform.

AI for Natural Language

The course “AI for natural language” aims to give the student an understanding of AI used in computer software designed to process and understand human language. It is a self-paced, remote, under-graduate level course organised by Marco Kuhlman at LiU. 

AI Competence: AI courses by ten swedish universities

AI Competence for Sweden is a national initiative for education and competence development in artificial intelligence. Three of four ELLIIT Universities participate and contribute knowledge and courses to the initiative. A large number of AI courses can be found on their webpage (opens in new window).