ELLIIT Joint Autonomous Systems Lab at Linköping and Lund

PI: Erik Frisk (LiU)

Co-PI: Björn Olofsson (LiU and LU)


This research-infrastructure initiative provides the opportunity of experimental research on planning, control, and perception for cases where there is significant force interaction between a mobile platform and a manipulator or load on an autonomous ground vehicle.

The platform

The overall objective of the joint lab with Lund University is the development of research platforms that features:

A. use of a variety of sensory data such as vision, force, and torque from sensors across the entire robot,
B. force-aware planning and control for safety and efficient sensing,
C. use of machine learning and AI-based reasoning for reliable interpretation of sensory data and autonomous decision making for autonomous systems.

The research platform at Linköping University mirrors a combined autonomous ground vehicle and robot-arm setup already available at Lund University. In addition, sensors for perception and small-scale autonomous vehicles for collaborative scenarios are included. This initiative thus facilitates the exchange of hardware and software knowledge and code between ELLIIT sites, also making the resources available for research to the complete ELLIIT environment. The platform will be integrated with the ELLIIT infrastructure Visionen 2.0.


Joint autonomous system lab sensor data