Natascha Kljun


Lund University

Natascha Kljun, professor at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, Lund University, is an Environmental Scientist by training, specialising in Atmospheric Physics. She is an expert on interactions of the land-surface-biosphere with the lower atmosphere. These interactions and exchange processes are at the core of the global carbon cycle. Her current research focuses on biospheric feedback mechanisms and the impact of disturbances (e.g. forest fire, but also forest management) on the global regional C cycle. She upscales local greenhouse gas measurements to a regional scale, by combining tower measurements with remotely sensed data from UAV or satellite platforms. Kljun has over 20 years of experience in footprint/source-area modelling (

Before Kljun moved to Lund, she has been working in Switzerland, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. At Lund she now leads the ‘Land surface – atmosphere interactions’ research group at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, is scientific PI of the Lund University ICOS-Sweden stations and co-coordinator of the Strategic Research Area MERGE.