The School of Information Technology (ITE) at Halmstad University invites applications for a Professor in Machine Learning.

Halmstad University aims to expand its strengths in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) as increasingly important drivers of society’s digitalization. Our partners can use AI/ML to tackle better challenges related to electromobility, and autonomous driving, as well as efficiency, reliability, and resilience of Industry 5.0. The public sector, including healthcare, can use AI/ML for patient-centred care to increase quality while reducing the costs of services.

The professor is expected to do research, both independently and in collaboration with other members of the CAISR research group, across various cutting-edge AI/ML topics, including data mining, affective computing, context-aware systems, knowledge-based intelligent systems, representation learning, meta-learning, transfer learning, multi-task, self-supervised and weakly-supervised learning, federated learning, anomaly detection, synthetic data generation, graph neural networks, evaluation, verification and validation of intelligent systems, and more.

Deadline for application: March 27, 2023

Read more about the position at Halmstad University´s website.