PI: Görel Hedin (LU)

Inspirational Python programming exercises for high school students. By using real open data such as satellite images and other environmental data, we wanted to give the students scientific and societal aha moments, as well as spike their interest in programming. The exercises are collected at a website, https://lunduniversity.github.io/schoolprog-satellite/ that can be used freely in schools and at science centers.

The project was a collaboration between researchers in Computer Science and in Ecosystem Sciences, and with educators at the Vattenhallen Science Center, all at Lund University. In addition, the project had collaboration with the Swedish National Space Agency (Rymdstyrelsen), the European Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS), and the Swedish Science Centers organization (SSC). In the project we had a mix of female and male participants at all levels: researchers, educators, and university students.