5G/6G Security

PI: Thomas Johansson (LU), co-PI: Simin Nadjm-Tehrani (LiU)

Applications deployed with 5G will be facing several new security challenges. This project will span a variety of research activities in 5G security. This include development and analysis of cryptographic algorithms and protocols working in low latency and constrained environments and study of implementation weaknesses of security protocols through side-channels. This includes investigating the impact of quantum computers on 5G security solutions. We also consider proofs for security of protocols and cross layer analysis of security as well as security mechanisms for 5G IoT applications providing specified privacy features. The project has focus on security in the URLLC use case, where the goal will be end-to-end latencies of a few milliseconds with optimized use of resources and to show that this is possible in presence of some chain of viable security mechanisms.

Project number: B04