6G wireless, sub-project: vehicular communications

PI: Alexey Vinel (HH), co-PI: Maria Kihl (LU); with Fredrik Tufvesson (LU), William Tärneberg (LU), Johan Thunberg (HH)

The project will work with futuristic heterogeneous cooperative automated driving scenarios in smart cities, which will include both traditional and remotely human-driven vehicles as well as computer-driven vehicles in complex city environments with different levels of autonomy. We will address the challenges of scalability, robustness, and accommodate uncertainty in cooperative driving by introducing quality elasticity through a hierarchy of decision-making algorithms placed on different levels in the ecosystem of autonomous vehicles. The hierarchical solution could be based on local decision algorithms in the vehicles, edge cloud coordination of small areas, such as an intersection, and global orchestration of larger areas in order to fulfill more global traffic requirements in, for example, a city. We will enhance the vehicular networking concepts of cooperative awareness (when vehicles exchange information about themselves), collective perception (when vehicles exchange information about objects they have observed by their local sensors) and cooperative maneuvering (when vehicles exchange their trajectories and intentions) to achieve the degrees of flexibility required for the designed decision making algorithms.

Project number: B05