Baseband Processing for Beyond 5G Wireless


PI: Liang Liu (LU), co-PI: Håkan Johansson (LiU), co-PI: Yousra Alkabani; with Hazem Ali (HH), Ove Edfors (LU), Süleyman Savas (HH)

This project focuses on efficient digital baseband processing algorithms and hardware for beyond 5G wireless systems. More specifically, the project will explore system-algorithm-hardware-software co-design to tackle new research challenges in the implementation of distributed massive MIMO technology for Large Intelligent Surfaces (LIS) and Cell-free massive MIMO. To achieve this objective, researchers from Lund University, Linköping University, and Halmstad University collaborate to conduct three PhD projects on distributed processing algorithm and architecture, low-complexity digital front ends, and high-level design methodologies using many-core processor architecture. The digital baseband research in this project will cooperate with other ELLIIT projects on system level exploration and analog electronics design to achieve overall implementation efficiency.

Project number: B02