Brain-Based Monitoring of Sound

Martin Enqvist, LiU & Maria Sandsten, LU

The outcome of this project will be a set of optimized methods to continuously monitor recorded electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements from the brain in order to estimate and track sound processing in the brain. The increasing requirements on audio products for hearing aids (HAs), together with recent invention of EEG electrodes that fit in the ear will call for robust methods with high time and spatial resolution of the EEG. In this project, we intend to attack the problem of complex listening environments (e.g., the cocktail party problem) and we will provide a better understanding for how the sound is processed at different stages in the brain for both normal-hearing (NH) and hearing impaired (HI) listeners, opening up for future advanced HA solutions. Experiments and technical solutions will be on the scientific frontier through the collaboration with researchers at Eriksholm Research Centre (part of the world-leading HA manufacturer Oticon A/S).

Project number: C04