Cloud Tooling for Large-Scale Cyber-Physical System Model-Based Development

PI: Görel Hedin (LU), Co-PI: Adrian Pop (LiU), with Niklas Fors (LU), Martin Sjölund (LiU), Lena Buffoni (LiU) Peter Fritzon (LiU)

By using high-level modeling languages like Modelica or Bloqqi, complex systems can be modeled in a compact and natural way, reusing libraries for different engineering domains. The project develops novel techniques for supporting cloud-based tooling for such languages. The Lund part of the project focuses on the generation of cloud components from high-level specifications, general enough to handle the complex static semantics of cyber-physical modelling languages. The Linköping part of the project focuses on simulation-based verification of requirements using a combination of equation-based models and machine learning trained surrogate models, an easier-to-use and more expressive requirement language, and traceability in cloud-based development environments.

Project number: B08