Collaborative robotics

PI: Patrick Doherty (LiU), co-PI: Elin Anna Topp (LU); with Anders Robertsson (LU), Mariusz Wzorek, Piotr Rudol, Jacek Malec

Dynamic and seamless interaction between collections of humans and robotic systems in achieving complex common goals and information exchange is an essential component in collaborative robotics. In this context, distributive situation awareness is essential for supporting collective intelligence in teams of robots and human agents where it can be used for both individual and collective decision support. Additionally, one mechanism to achieve the appropriate communication between autonomous systems and humans is mixed–initiative interaction, as it allows for a genuine two–way communication through which it is possible to convey insights into the internal state of a system as well as to assess and resolve ambiguous situations in interaction. This project is multi-disciplinary in that it combines research with the topics of distributed situational awareness and mixed-initiative interaction. It also has as a goal to develop field tested systems in the area of emergency rescue using a combination of both robotic and human agents, in particular Unmanned Aircraft Systems and their interaction with human rescuers and support personnel.

Project number: B09

Photo: Thor Balkhed, Linköping University.