Control-as-a-Service: Resilient feedback control systems for Industry 4.0 based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf components and cloud platforms

PI: Maria Kihl (LU). Co-PIs: Anton Cervin (LU), Karl-Erik Årzén (LU), Anders Robertsson (LU), Emma Fitzgerald (LU), William Tärneberg (LU), Niklas Carlsson (LiU)

The proposed project addresses the challenge of realizing highly time-sensitive and mission-critical feedback control systems for Industry 4.0 in the clouds. However, to take advantage of the clouds, rather than adapting the clouds to the control systems, we approach the problem by adapting the control systems to the clouds. The project proposes to address system performance, architecture, and management challenges associated with realizing a so-called Control-as-a-Service. The project is highly cross-disciplinary and the first of its kind in ELLIIT and it will be a starting point for a larger project.

Project number: A16