Information Handling in Industrial IoT

PI: Nikolaos Pappas, LiU, co-PI: Emma Fitzgerald, Lund.

This proposal aims at a joint consideration of information generation, processing, transmission, and reconstruction in beyond 5G (B5G) massive and mission critical IoT networks by taking into account the information value. So far, in 5G networks, those processes are treated separately, and the importance and usefulness of the generated and transmitted information is ignored. This project will develop theoretical and algorithmic foundations of goal-oriented, data importance-aware communication to depart from the separated and conventional content-agnostic paradigm which will help to reveal the potential of future hyperconnected intelligent systems. The solutions we design will be further transformed into functioning protocols, and they will be implemented in a real-world testbed that is available at Lund’s site with all the components needed to mimic a smart factory scenario.

Project number: B15