Integrated reactive motion planning and motion control

PI: Daniel Axehill (LiU); co-PI: Björn Olofsson (LU)

The objective with the proposed research is to significantly extend the recent work by the PI’s former PhD students Oskar Ljungqvist and Kristoffer Bergman in the area of optimization-based motion planning and control. The proposed work considers optimal motion planning, where motions that are optimal in terms of a user-defined (e.g., energy) performance measure are computed. Overall, several novel research directions are proposed with the overarching goal to obtain an efficient integrated motion-planning algorithm with the benefits that Bergman’s method has, but extended to also be able to reliably work in a reactive setup implementing optimal control in feedback form for problems containing disturbances and dynamic obstacles. To reach that goal, research with the aim to significantly advance the computational efficiency of the employed algorithms is proposed. Furthermore, this development also needs to go hand-in-hand with control theory, to exploit the available margins but also to be able to guarantee not to break them.

Project number: D2