Multistatic high-resolution sensing at THz

PI: Mats Pettersson (BTH). Collaborators: Hans Hellsten (HH), Fredrik Gustafsson (LiU)

Multistatic high-resolution sensing at THz frequencies is the goal of this project, with applications in many areas, such as industry, logistics, health care, and surveillance. Autofocus for THz SAR imaging is the first step in future multistatic THz SAR system development. Project members Mats Pettersson at Blekinge Institute of Technology and other partners, including both Hans Hellsten in Halmstad university and Fredrik Gustafsson at Linköping university, have had strong and long collaborations for more than 20 years. We have good knowledge on UWB SAR system development, UWB SAR imaging, bistatic system development, bistatic SAR imaging, and even THz SAR measurements and imaging. All of these factors will ensure the project’s success. The topic relates to many areas in ELLIIT 2030 Technology Foresight but we have chosen topic area 3.

Project number: A17