Rational Oversampling in Coherent Optical

PI: Oscar Gustafsson (LiU). Co-PI: Håkan Johansson (LiU). Collaborator: Per Larsson-Edefors (CTH)

Optical networks provides a backbone of the contemporary and future communication infrastructure, enabling high-speed interconnection among the myriad of devices connected through fixed or wireless interfaces. As such the project considers an area being a fundamental enabler for several of the ELLIIT topic areas (1, 2, 3, 4, A, D), although the area so far has not been directly addressed in the ELLIIT context. It is believed to be closest to topic 1. To obtain very high date rates, typically, very high sample rates are used, limited by ADC/process technology. To maximize the utilization of available ADCs, only limited oversampling can be used. However, transmit and receive filters, synchronization, and most equalizer structures are expecting an integer number of samples per symbol. While possible to upsample in the receiver, this comes at a cost, both for the oversampling filters and for performing the signal processing at an even higher sample rate. The purpose of this project is to develop efficient algorithms and architectures performing the required signal processing at a fractional oversampling rate.

Project number: A18