Bing Gong

Assistant Professor

Shanghai Normal University

Bing Gong’s research interests lie in the intersection of deep learning and data science, specifically applied to weather and air quality applications. She focus on advancing the state-of-art scalable deep learning neural networks on time series prediction and video frame prediction in air quality and weather forecasting. Additionally, she employ super-resolution methods for statistical weather and climate downscaling.

Currently, Bing Gong is an assistant professor in the College of Information, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering at Shanghai Normal University (SHNU). Prior to joining SHNU, she held a position as a postdoctoral researcher within the Earth Science Data Exploration group at Jülich Supercomputing Center in Germany. In addition, she obtained her Ph.D. in the artificial intelligence with focus on the applications in environmental science and sustainability from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain, in July 2017.