Focus Period Lund 2024

Security and Fault Tolerance of Cyber-Physical Systems

April 1 – May 3, 2024

In this focus period, the organizers wanted to plant the seed for a radical rethinking of the way cyber-physical systems are constructed, questioning their fundamental principles and striving for constructions that are secure, safe, controllable, and dependable from the beginning.

The focus period ran in Lund between April 1 and May 3. A number of international scholars interested in these research challenges was invited to participate, and to interact with leading scientists as well as ELLIIT researchers. In the third week (April 16-18) there was a 3-day symposium, with several invited top-level researchers. More information about the symposium can be found here.

“The model of the focus period is exemplary, as it can be a “Petri dish” to conceive and initiate new collaborations, connect with the research community, and stimulate positive and innovative discussions”

“I had a chance to meet researchers and brainstorm ideas on testing and evaluation of their proposed approaches in practice. Overall, this was a unique opportunity for me”

“I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues as one of the better events I had to communicate with other researchers in a given period”

“Overall, from a scientific point of view, it was very fruitful for me”

“An invited stay to connect to other researchers working in a similar research field, but from a different perspective”

“First and foremost, I really enjoyed the interaction with the other visiting scholars. I felt that our group was a perfect match. I will definitely keep in touch with the others and I am positive that there will be some collaboration between us in the future”

Scientific committee

The scientific committee consisted of internationally renowned researchers, active within the topic of the focus period. The committee members, in collaboration with the organizers, suggested speakers for the symposium, and visiting scholars for the focus periods. The members of the scientific committee also contributed to the event as speakers during the symposium.

Gene Tsudik

Gene Tsudik

Distinguished Professor at University of California, Irvine (USA)

Organizing committee

The organizing committee consist of researchers from the ELLIIT institutions and administrators. Their role was to appoint the scientific committee, select speakers and visiting scholars, plan the focus period activities, and served as hosts during the event.


Eva Westin

Eva Westin

Administrative Manager and Focus Period Coordinator at Lund University (Sweden)