Since 2019, ELLIIT has been setting aside a budget to broader societal goals, such as promoting gender equality in STEM research. The allocated budget can cover both time for the contributing researchers and the actual costs of relevant activities.

In 2024, we now invite researchers to submit proposals for activities planned for up to one year. Proposals must contain:

  1. description of the proposed activity (1 paragraph)
  2. goals and process for follow-up (1 paragraph)
  3. responsible person (name, email, telephone)
  4. proposed budget and timeline

We encourage activities involving multiple ELLIIT partners. To the extent that the proposal concerns people outside ELLIIT’s personnel list, the CVs of those involved must be provided. Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • career support to and mentoring of young researchers by underrepresented gender
  • activities aimed at providing teachers (incl. doctoral students and assistants) the opportunity to be seen as role models in basic education, preferably in lower grades
  • networking and information activities
  • staff training
  • visiting researcher stays, courses, conferences
  • outreach activities at high school and primary school

The deadline for submitting the proposals is April 28, 2024.

ELLIIT’s Gender & Diversity group will review the proposals and announce the decision in May 2024. Please submit your proposals to

ELLIIT Gender 2024 Call for Proposals PDF

Download the PDF by clicking the icon above to get the full description of the call, including preliminary budget allocation and background.