Elena Troubitsyna


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

From 2022 Full Professor in Computer Science, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer.

The development of autonomous, safe and reliable software-intensive systems, such as self-driving cars, drones or various robots, constitutes a major engineering challenge. Current software development methods are unable to efficiently and confidently cope with the enormous system complexity and deliver the required assurance of system trustworthiness in the presence of continuous learning and adaptation. The goal of Elena Troubitsyna’s research is to foster the development of dependable, autonomous systems that are safe and reliable. Her focus is on the design of dependability-assurance solutions for autonomous systems, including the models and algorithms for surveillance, diagnostics and adaptation.

By using rigorous mathematical modelling and verification techniques, Elena’s research contributes to the development of methods and technologies that enable autonomous systems with formally proven safety and reliability. Elena’s research also includes the design of AI algorithms that will empower systems to learn and adapt in real time.

The deployment of autonomous systems promises to bring various benefits to society, provided that powerful methods to achieve their safety and reliability are developed.