Gunilla Svensson


Stockholm University

Professor Gunilla Svensson’s research interest range from turbulence affecting cloud droplet growht to the global scale circulation. A general theme is that I am developing and applying numerical models for small-scale atmospheric processes and study their effects using the models in combinating with observations. Her doctoral thesis that she defended in 1995 discussed environmental modeling of the air quality in Athens, Greece. After a postdoctoral period in John Seinfeld’s group at CALTECH, which was devoted to cloud microphysics and turbulence in marine stratocumulus, she returned to Sweden in 1997.

Since 1998, Professor Svensson has been working at MISU. Her current projects concern global climate models and how small-scale processes such as turbulence and clouds are described in them and what effect they have on the climate and climate change. A focus area is the Arctic weather and climate change and another is how the boundary layer interacts with the large-scale dynamics.

The e-science part of climate and weather research is another of her interests and she is strongly involved in the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) and is engaged in the Bolin Centre for Climate Research (BolinC).

Some of her internationally engagements include member of the science steering groups of the WWRP Polar Projects (PPP, 2011 – 2022 and PCAPS 2024 – ) and the WCRP Polar Climate Prediction Initiative (PCPI 2012-2018). Professor Svensson is a member of the ECMWF and the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and affiliated scientist at NCAR.