Cancer immunotherapy hackathon

Lund, April 20 – May 3, 2022

With Sonja Aits and Laurent-Philippe Albou

This hackathon is arranged as a part of the ELLIIT focus period in Data-driven modelling and learning for cancer immunotherapy.

The hackathon will be a chance for workshop participants and guest researchers to work together on real cancer immunology datasets and analysis challenges over several days. Participants will work in interdisciplinary teams, from their homes or on-site in Lund, and we will have tight interactions between the teams to exchange ideas and give feedback. This hands-on activity should generate new analysis approaches and cancer immunology insights and build bridges between the cancer immunology and technical communities. Thus, it will also be an excellent way to get inspiration for new projects and form new collaborations that will continue beyond this focus period. And of course it will be fun.

For questions, please contact Sonja Aits.