During this fall (September 4th – October 6th) ELLIIT and Linköping University are hosting a 5-week focus period on “Network Dynamics and Control”. More information about the focus period can be found here.

The main event of the focus period is a symposium held on September 20-22. The symposium will take place at Scandic Frimurarehotellet in Linköping. The banquet dinner will be held in the evening of the second day at Livgrenadjärmässen.

You can now register for the symposium using this link, no later than September 4th. Registration is free and includes the banquet dinner.

The symposium has a limited number of participants, and registration will close earlier if that capacity is reached. Priority will be given to researchers connected to ELLIIT and to researchers involved in the focus period.

More information on the symposium, including a preliminary program is available here.

Symposium speakers:
Stefano Allesina (University of Chicago, US) Baruch Barzel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) Stefano Boccaletti (CNR, Italy) Francesco Bullo (University of California, Santa Barbara, US) Ming Cao (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) Jean-Charles Delvenne (UCLouvain, Belgium) Mario di Bernardo (University of Naples, Italy) Raissa M. D’Souza (University of California, Davis, US)(TBC) Paolo Frasca (CNRS, Grenoble, France) Julien Hendrickx (UCLouvain, Belgium), Petter Holme (Aalto University, Finland) Karl Henrik Johansson (KTH, Sweden) Renaud Lambiotte (University of Oxford, UK) Naomi Ehrich Leonard (Princeton University, USA) Azarakhsh Malekian (University of Toronto, Canada) Asu Ozdaglar (MIT, US) Anton Proskurnikov (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) Martin Rosvall (Umeå University, Sweden) Samir Suweis (University of Padova, Italy), Guodong Shi, University of Sydney, Australia) Sandro Zampieri (University of Padova, Italy)