Focus Period Lund 2023

6G – forming a better future

October 23 – November 24, 2023

Research related to the 6th Generation Wireless Systems (6G) comprises a wide range of topics. This focus period takes a broad perspective on the possibilities and limitations of technology available and what services and applications can be proivided by a future 6G system. Topics range from communication theory and fundamental limits via practical implementations to novel services and applications.

The goal is to close the gaps between different research disciplines, increase synergy effects and, together, identify the most critical inter/intra-disciplinary research challenges, from a 6G perspective. What are the technical issues we have to address, from that perspective? What are the possible solutions, from a technical perspective?

How should 6G be designed to, in the best way, contribute to solving of the global challenges?

The focus period will run in Lund between October 23rd and November 24th. A number of international scholars interested in these research challenges will be invited to participate, and to interact with leading scientists as well as ELLIIT researchers. In the third week (November 8-10) we will have a 3-day symposium, with several invited top-level researchers.

Scientific committee

The scientific committee consists of internationally renowned researchers, active within the topic of the focus period. The committee members, in collaboration with the organizers, suggest speakers for the workshop, and visiting scholars for the focus periods. The members of the scientific committee also contribute to the event as speakers during the workshop.

Organizing committee

The organizing committee consists of researchers from the ELLIIT institutions and administrators. Their role is to appoint the scientific committee, select speakers and visiting scholars, plan the focus period activities, and serve as hosts during the event.

Eva Westin

Eva Westin

Focus Period Coordinator, Lund University, Sweden