Autonomous Force-Aware Swift Motion Control

PI: Anders Robertsson (LU), co-PI: Lars Nielsen (LiU); with Björn Olofsson (LiU/LU) and Erik Frisk (LiU)

The research program for this project has a number of steps for moving autonomous force-aware swift motion control forward. Our recently derived novel methods for at-the-limit maneuvering will be extended to new scenarios, where previously non-dynamic kinematic models (with non-holonomic motion constraints) have been used under, sometimes highly restrictive, assumptions on limited slip and upper-bounded velocities. For example, maneuvering in highway driving at higher speeds (typically 70 km/h and higher) implies that consideration of the forces involved, i.e., the dynamic behavior, is of importance, e.g., if heavy-duty vehicles with their inherent roll sensitivity or mobile platforms with heavy manipulators onboard are considered. The new perspective has high potential to lead to new significant results with regard to planning and control strategies for a wide range of vehicle-maneuvering and robotic manipulation scenarios, and will also treat scenarios with multiple vehicles and moving robots, in traffic or on work sites. The core of the project is scientific questions in swift motion control that is safe, resilient, and efficient.

Project number: B14