During Fall 2023 (September 4th – October 6th), ELLIIT and Linköping University are hosting a 5-week focus period on “Network Dynamics and Control”.

This focus period is devoted to network science in general, and in particular to dynamics and control of complex networks of interacting “agents”. The overall aim is to stimulate the interaction between scientists working on network science from different perspectives, representing the various fields in which networks and “network thinking” is of relevance, such as social sciences, economical sciences, biology, ecology, and engineering.

The focus period provides an environment for networking through seminars, courses, joint activities, and informal day-to-day interaction, with the aim of initiating collaborations, formulating novel research challenges and do joint research on exciting topics.

During the focus period we will host a number of young international scholars for an extended stay, and in the third week (Sept. 20-22) we will have a 3-day symposium with around 20 world-leading speakers. Details of the program and invited participants are available at https://elliit.se/news-and-events/focus-period-linkoping-2023/.

Participation is open and free for all. Since in the symposium we can host only a limited number of participants, priority will be given to ELLIIT members. In the coming months we will activate a registration webpage. If interested, stay tuned!