PIs: Sara Maad Sasane (LU), Carina Geldhauser (LU)

The goal of this project was to connect women mathematicians working in Sweden. There had been a network, in the 1980s/1990s, called “kvinnor och matematik”. We aim at the revival of the old network, and make it a meeting place for all women mathematicians in Sweden. We started to reach out to all women mathematicians with a PhD degree at other Swedish universities. We are proud to report that our network has reached the majority of women mathematicians at Swedish universities. Furthermore, we created a Linkedin Group, to better connect staff, students and Alumnae: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12536126/

Steering Committee and Senior Advisory Group

A steering committee has been formed to achieve a more sustainable action within the group.

To connect back to the older generations, who were active in the old network, we formed a senior advisory. Gerd Brandell, Barbro Grevholm and Lars-Erik Persson are part of this group.

Towards establishing a Louise Petrén prize

We were discussing the idea to establish a Louise Petrén prize, intended for younger women mathematicians as a motivation and career boost. There has been a prize earlier in the honor of Louise Petrén, given to honor good actions for equality at mathematics departments.

As a start, we planned and organized an annual Louise Petrén Day at Lund University.



Poster for Louise Petrén day 2022.