Following a call for proposals issued in autumn 2021, the ELLIIT Program Management Group has agreed on two exciting themes for ELLIIT focus periods in 2023. These Focus periods will be organized by ELLIIT researchers Ove Edfors (Lund University) and Claudio Altafini (Linköping University), respectively.  

6G – Forming a better Future

Spring 2023 – LUND

Organizer: Ove Edfors (LU)
Co-organizers: Fredrik Tufvesson (LU), Erik G. Larsson (LiU)

Dynamics and Control of Complex Networks

Fall 2023 – Linköping

Organizer: Claudio Altafini (LiU)
Co-organizers: Emma Tegling (LU), Giacomo Como (LU and Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

The ELLIIT focus period program is an ambitious guest and exchange program for international top-level researchers. The objective is to create environments where ELLIIT researchers can work under optimal circumstances in collaboration with other internationally established scientists around a specific (usually cross-disciplinary) research topic.

Upcoming Focus periods in 2022: Spring (Lund) and fall (Linköping).