Elina Rönnberg

Associate Professor

Linköping University

Associate Professor in Optimisation and Deputy Head of the Department of Mathematics at Linköping University. Her research is in discrete optimisation, with a special interest in decomposition methods and applications within scheduling and resource allocation. The applied projects are often carried out in collaboration with industry or other stakeholders. Examples of applications are the design of electronic systems in aircraft, staff scheduling in healthcare, underground mining, and railway crew planning.

Areas of contributions include Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition, Lagrangian relaxation, column generation and logic-based Benders decomposition. Other methodological contributions are within dynamic programming, decision diagrams for optimisation, metaheuristics, and mathheuristics. Current projects include improvements of the generic branch-price-and-cut solver in SCIP, acceleration techniques for logic-based Benders decomposition, and learning for discrete optimisation.