Günther Raidl

Günther Raidl


TU Wien

Günther Raidl is Professor at the Institute of Logic and Computation, TU Wien, Austria, and member of the Algorithms and Complexity Group. He received his PhD in 1994 and completed his habilitation in Practical Computer Science in 2003 at TU Wien. In 2005 he received a professorship position for combinatorial optimization at TU Wien.

His research interests include algorithms and data structures in general and combinatorial optimization in particular, with a specific focus on metaheuristics, mathematical programming, intelligent search methods, and hybrid optimization approaches. His research work typically combines theory and practice for application areas such as scheduling, network design, transport optimization, logistics, and cutting and packing.

Günther Raidl is associate editor for the INFORMS Journal on Computingand the International Journal of Metaheuristics and at the editorial
board of several journals including Algorithms, Metaheuristics and the Evolutionary Computation. He is co-founder and steering committee member of the annual European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization (EvoCOP). Since 2016 he is also faculty member of the Vienna Graduate School on Computational Optimization.

Günther Raidl has co-authored a text book on hybrid metaheuristics and over 180 reviewed articles in scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings. Moreover, he has co-edited 13 books and co-authored one book on hybrid metaheuristics. More information can be found at http://www.ac.tuwien.ac.at/raidl.