Karin Leandersson

Karin Leandersson


Lund University

Karin Leandersson holds a M.Sc. in Biochemistry and a B.Sc. in Biology from the Natural Science faculty, Lund University, Sweden. She continued studying Immunology and received a PhD in Immunology at the Medical Faculty in 2002. During her PostDoc 2002-2007 she changed field now working on breast cancer and cancer biology. In 2007 Karin Leandersson became an Associate Professor in Immunology, and started her own group with a focus on human Tumor Immunology. Since 2017 Karin Leandersson is Professor in Human Tumor Immunology at the medical faculty Lund University, Sweden. Her research interest is the human immune system and its mutual interaction with cancer, with a focus on primary human tissues and immune cells, with an aim to be able to understand tumor immunology better in the human perspective.


On-site contact persons

Eva Westin
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