Breakfast with the Industry Forum and Kickoff of the Infrastructure Initiatives at LiU


January 25, 2024


Visionen Arena, Building B, Entrance 25, Campus Valla, Linköping University


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8:00 - 8:15


Registration; breakfast served


8:15 - 8:25


Welcome and introduction (E. G. Larsson, Director ELLIIT)


8:25 - 9:45


Presentation and demonstration of the four ELLIIT Infrastructures

People standing on the floor of the research arena. One person holds a remote control. Projectors are displaying the words "ISY 50" on the flor and one wall. A small vehicle is moving following lines on the floor.

Visionen 2.0

The Visionen arena at LiU is a large modern research arena with an indoor positioning system and projectors directed towards the floor and (currently) one wall. The facility is by its combination of size and technical capabilities in terms of combined positioning and projection, a nation-unique research and demonstration arena for autonomous systems such as drones and ground robots.

Project PIs: Daniel Axehill (LiU) and Michael Felsberg (LiU)

Visualization Support and Consulting – Infrastructure, Software, and Competence

This platform provides access to visualization Infrastructure, software, and competence. It offers visualization consultancy as well as software development.

Project PIs: Ingrid Hotz (LiU) and Martin Falk (LiU)

A screenshot from RViz, showing a composite image of red projections on a green lawn

AIOps: A scalable research platform for artificial intelligence

Research in artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) often requires going from development and testing on personal single GPU workstations to large scale experiments on massive data centers. The scalable AIOps platform, provided at Linköping University, is uniquely suitable for such purposes and highly relevant to most AI, ML, and robotics research.

Project PIs: Fredrik Heintz (LiU) and Fredrik Lindsten (LiU)

ELLIIT Joint Autonomous Systems Lab at LiU and LU

This research-infrastructure initiative provides the opportunity of experimental research on planning, control, and perception for cases where there is significant force interaction between a mobile platform and a manipulator or load on an autonomous ground vehicle.

Project PIs: Erik Frisk (LiU) and Björn Olofsson (LiU and LU)


10:00 - ...


Coffee and possibility for continued in-depth discussions