Petter Brodin

Petter Brodin

Professor and specialist physician

Karolinska Institutet

Petter Brodin is professor and specialist physician at Karolinska Institutet where he is the leader of the Brodinlab. His team is aiming to understand human immune system variation in health and disease, and understand the factors that shape human immune systems. The team is also interested in defining better metrics of immune system health and develop methods for better immune system analyses in human patients.

As a physician at the department of pediatrics at the Karolinska University Hospital, Petter has a particular interest in understanding when and how human immune systems are shaped early in life, and the influences by environmental exposures such as the microbiome, infections, vaccines, nutritional components etc in this process.

Petter’s team is firmly convinced that to understand human immune systems and their variation it is essential that all system components are analyzed simultaneously and relationships between these taken into account. This have recently been made possible with the development of novel high-dimensional methods operating at single-cell resolution, such as Mass cytometry, mRNA-sequencing and integrative multiomics analyses. To analyze human immune systems at the systems-level, the team is developing novel experimental and computational methods.