Rafsan Ahmed

Rafsan Ahmed

PhD student

Lund University

Rafsan Ahmed is a second year PhD student at the Cell Death, Lysosomes and AI (CDLAI) group at Lund University. His research focus is AI in medicine, which spans from using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover drug targets for diseases to microscopic cell image segmentation through machine learning models. Previously, he has also worked with network based algorithms to identify cancer driver (causing) genes.

Rafsan did his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, which is a completely different world to what he is doing right now. Back then he was building robots and even managed to build an electric car. But towards the end of his undergraduate studies he decided to change tracks and enter into the fascinating field of Machine Learning. Now he spends his days learning about how machine learning can be used to greatly impact the healthcare field (and of course, how to avoid an AI takeover).


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