ELLIIT Infrastructure kickoff 2024

On January 25th, ELLIIT representatives and associated researchers met with the local business community for breakfast with the Industry Forum and to kick off the Infrastructure Initiatives at LiU.

The event took place in the research arena Visionen at Linköping University and involved presentations, demonstrations, and in-depth discussions about the four ELLIIT-financed infrastructures at the university, with Visionen itself being one of them.

After some breakfast and the meet-and-greets, Erik G. Larsson, Professor and Director, started the event with a welcome speech focusing on further expanding collaborations between ELLIIT researchers and local industries. When asked about his experience of the event afterward, he was pleased and continued focusing on these collaborations:

“The event was very enjoyable with so many guests from the local business community, and to see the demos of the various infrastructures we have in ELLIIT and the wide range of activities.”

The importance of the infrastructure initiatives and activities like the gathering at Visionen was enhanced by Erik Frisk, Professor and PI for the ELLIIT Joint Autonomous Systems Lab, when asked if there was anything specific from the event he will take with him:

“One thing I thought was great was that the event immediately led to new collaboration opportunities that I was not aware of before.”

During the presentations of the four ELLIIT-financed infrastructures based at Linköping University, the spectators were given a few project demonstrations. For example, an ELLIIT-financed student summer project in acrobatic drone flying successfully executed a full flip in the air – an action not typically designed for drones.

One of the spectators, Zheng Chen, Associate Professor in Communication Systems and ELLIIT Recruited Faculty, left the event both impressed and inspired by the presentations and demonstrations:

“The infrastructure initiatives presented by different groups at LiU are very impressive. Many researchers in the broad area of information technology can benefit from the testbeds, platforms, and software developed in these initiatives.”

“I would like to learn more about the platforms with robots and explore the possibility of building a swarm robotics system to see the effect of communications in such systems.”

The four Infrastructure Initiatives presented were as follows:

You can read more about all of the ELLIIT Infrastructure Initiatives here.